Body Treatments


Draining & Detoxifying Cellulite Body Treat $105
The cosmetic level, it improves the microcirculation, reducing the water content inside the infiltrated tissue. Through its exuding action, it encourages the draining and elimination of toxins, eliminating the stagnation of fluids and making orange-peel skin less visible. The high content of mineral salts and vitamins ensure excellent moisture, suppleness and integrity to the skin. Treatment involves special ingredients like sea salts, dark algae, and bitter orange.
Reducing and Soft Cellulite Treatment $105
The synergy of reducing complex, cocoa butter, coffee and guarana generates a powerful energizing action on fluids and liquids, speeding up the reduction of diffused adipose tissue at the cosmetic level and encouraging the draining of excess fluids. The intense nourishing and anti-aging action of the active ingredients provides the skin with softness and suppleness. Uts actions includes reducing and imperfections by diffused and extensive soft cellulite. This treatment is also performed for its highly nourishing effect.
Modelling Anti-Aging Treatment $125
This treatment helps to restore skin compactness and suppleness at the cosmetic level, also preventing the onset of stretch marks through two new modeling synergies. It stimulates collagen synthesis and improves its qualities, optimizing its distribution in the tissue. In addition, this treatment works on soft cellulite by encouraging the drainage and absorption of fluids through an active cold-hot action. This treatment includes a patch serum for draining, a gel wrap for reducing and milk oil for elasticizing. It is also performed as an anti-aging body treatment.
Back Facial Plus High Frequency Machine $70
This will leave you feeling like you received royal treatment after deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and a deep-penetrating masque followed by a massage to nourish and hydrate the skin. Your back will feel dramatically smoother.
Moroccan Oil Hot Stone & Body Glisten Exfoliation $70
Introducing Moroccan Oil Body Treatment Line.  This luxurious therapy exfoliates and sloughs away dry, dull, flaky skin, followed by a moisturizing massage, leaving a wonderful silkening finish combined with the Moroccan Oil scent you have come to enjoy.
Body Glow Sugar Scrub Exfoliation $50
A stimulating exfoliation treatment that uses healing touch and plant ingredients to rejuvenate the skin and senses. This treatment includes Therapy Body Scrub, foot and body massage that leaves guests feeling renewed. Please do not shave the day of this treatment.
Slimming Treatment $105
This treatment is a brand new addition to the body line. Its actions include activation of metabolic exchange and break down of fat deposits and infiltrated cellulite. A high and complete cosmetic slimming performance that results from the combined effect of two actions. First, the lipo-reducing cosmetic acxtion encourages the breakdown process and elimination of fats. Second, the lipo-energizing cosmetic action triggers cellular metabolism, controls tissue functionality and breaks up accumulated fluids and fats, encourage the draining of lipolysis of fats. Includes red algae, yellow poppy and coffee.