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Hair Removal  Waxing, Electrolysis, and LightSheer Laser

Hair Removal - Waxing

Eyebrow $15
Lip or Chin $13
Side of Face  $19
Any three of:  Chin, Eyebrow, Lip or Sides of Face $29
Full Face $35
Arms - Lower or Upper $26
Arms - Full $45
Underarms   $26
Bikini Line $32
Extended Bikini Line $45
Brazilian From $59
Lower  or Upper Leg $39
Full Leg $65
Bikini Line with Half Leg / Full Leg $59 / $78
Extended Bikini with Half Leg / Full Leg $72 / $90
Brazilian with Half Leg / Full Leg From $85 / $99
Fingers or Toes $15
Ears or Nose $15
Men's Back of Neck $23
Men's Back $55
Men's Chest $32
Men's Chest & Abdomen $55
Men's Eyebrow $13
Me's Shoulders $26
Men's Stomach $32
Waxing Tips
For maximum results please allow two weeks of growth on legs, underarms and bikini area prior to waxing. Please inform the spa prior to booking if you are taking Retin-A or Accutane. You must stop taking Retin-A at least 6 weeks prior to waxing. You must stop taking Accutane at least 6 months prior to waxing.


Hair Removal - Electrolysis

Electrolysis is still the only means for permanent hair removal for all skin types and every hair color. With a history of more than 120 years it has proven the test of time as a safe, affordable and permanent choice.

Electrolysis is achieved by the insertion of a very fine sterile probe into the hair follicle, which is a natural opening into the skin. A low-level electrical current is delivered to the Dermal Papilla (the source of nourishment for the hair). The thermal heat will cauterize and eliminate the papilla and the germinative cells so no further hair growth can occur.

Hair growth results from several distinct influences on the body, heredity, age, weight, hormones, medications and many other factors.

Electrolysis does cause minimal discomfort which varies from person to person and is relative to the area of treatment. A topical anesthetic can be applied for your discomfort.

Electrolysis works when other methods of hair removal do not.  It is perfect for treating those stubborn hairs that grow back after laser hair treatments, or never went away completely.

Electrolysis is perfect for treating the remaining hairs that laser is unable to clear. Post treatment your skin may be slightly red/pink but often fades within an hour.

Electrolysis - 15 minutes $25
Electrolysis - 30 minutes $48
Electrolysis - 60 minutes $75


Laser Hair Removal by Lumenis Light Sheer

In response to the ever-increasing demand to remove unwanted hair on virtually any body area, the ability to offer superior results to the widest variety of patients is critical. The LightSheer Diode Laser System has the ability to permanently reduce hair growth. It is recognized “Gold Standard” for hair removal with an unsurpassed library of clinically documented success. It can treat all skin types including tanned skin, most hair colours, depths and coarseness. The patented ChillTip provides continuous contact cooling of the skin for maximal patient safety and comfort. Be hair free…quickly and effectively.

Please contact us to book your complimentary consultation to assess if you are a suitable candidate for Laser Hair Removal and we can provide with you with your prescribed treatment plan