Hand and Foot Care Treatments

Warm paraffin treatments, stimulating massage, moisturizing lotions, deep exfoliating scrubs, and therapeutic oils…our professional team focuses on the very best care for your cuticles, nails and skin while soothing away your tensions. Our hand and foot treatments include a polish application with a fresh polish which you can take home to enjoy.


Bliss Spa Manicure $30
Treat overworked hands to a professional manicure for beautiful nail and cuticle condition with a polish application. Your manicure will include a wonderful hand soak and soothing and moisturizing massage to complete the experience.  The polish is yours to take home to enjoy.
Bliss Spa Express Manicure $20
No time for a full Spa Manicure, then try our manicure for those individuals on the go.  This treatment will make your hands look wonderful from cuticle work to nail trimming and shaping and complete with a polish application.
Shellac Manicure $40
The Original 14 Day Manicure.  No Chipping.  Zero Drying Time.  Mirror Finish
Bliss French Manicure $30
Our signature Bliss Spa Manicure with French polish application.
Shellac French Manicure $50
Shellac manicure complete with a French polish application.
Blissful Delight Hand Treatment $39
Designed to combat dryness, premature aging and brown spots caused by exposure to UV rays and pollution, this therapy involves our Bliss Spa Manicure plus an exfoliating masque, intensive massage enhanced by a warm paraffin masque and polish application with a fresh polish which you can take home to enjoy.
Gentleman’s Manicure $25
Our Gentleman’s “Man”-icure includes cuticle conditioning and intensive massage. Nails are buffed to look healthy and professional.
Paraffin Hand Treatment $8
This warm soothing hand treatment add on is a wonderful way to improve skin texture and appearance. Also a very effective treatment for stiff joint.
Deep Exfoliation Treatment $6
A wonderful add-on treatment to soften your skin and reduce the effects of dryness, skin damage and the effects of UV rays and pollution. This deep exfoliation treatment will slough off the day to day stresses your hands endure.
Child's Manicure (11 years old or younger) $11
Preserve the fragile beauty of your eyes with our signature eye treatment. Signs of stress are alleviated with acupressure techniques as wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed away. A gentle exfoliation will remove dead skin cells while lymphatic drainage, serums and creams decongest the eye area reducing signs of fatigue. Your eyes are left looking fresh, vibrant and luminous.
Nail Polish Change $16
Shellac Polish Application Only $22
Shellac Polish Removal $10
Shellac Polish Application & Removal $30


Bliss Spa Pedicure $47
Relax in the ultimate luxury pipeless whirlpool pedicure char with remote controlled Shiatsu back massage or heated vibrating massage. Enjoy the light therapy foot basin and therapeutic pedicure which includes exfoliation and relaxing massage to your feet and legs to soothe the daily wear and tear to your feet. It also includes a polish application and you take the polish home to enjoy.
Bliss French Pedicure $47
Our signature Bliss Spa Pedicure with French polish application.
Bliss Spa Express Pedicure $30
No time for a full Spa Pedicure, then try our pedi for those individuals on the go.  This treatment will make your feet look wonderful from buffing and cuticle work to nail trimming and shaping complete with a polish application.
The Blissful Delight Foot and Leg Treatment $60
Our blissful pedicure plus a foot buffing infused with tea tree oil, a massage with special products to address your specific needs, concluding with a refreshing deep hydrating masque and paraffin treatment and polish application with a fresh polish you can take home to enjoy
Gentleman’s Pedicure $39
The ultimate fix for the weary and tired professional. Relax and enjoy the Shiatsu back massage in the comfortable pedicure chair. Then experience a soothing foot bath, exfoliating scrub, and relaxing leg and foot massage. Stress reduction combined with attention and relief for your tired feet.
Paraffin Foot Treatment $10
This warm soothing foot treatment add-on is wonderful way to soften and relieve tired feet. Also a very effective treatment to ease stiffness and tension in muscles and joints and increase circulation in your feet and legs.
Deep Hydration Masque $10
A deep penetrating masque designed to hydrate and refresh legs and feet while calming and healing exposed skin.
Child's Pedicure (11 years old or younger) $15
Polish Application Only $18
Shellac Polish Application $12
Shellac Removal  $12